Our History

Woolley G's Bike & Fitness

Woolley G’s Bike & Fitness has been the local bike shop for Longview and East Texas since 1974.

Many things have changed over the years but our love for bicycles and for our customers continue to be a constant. We pride ourselves on being up to date on all the latest technology and helping you find what best fits your needs.

We love to help everyone pursue their love of cycling. From the beginner to the seasoned racers, and everything in between. We work to make every person's experience the best it can possibly be, while never taking ourselves too seriously. We get to build, work on, play and ride bicycles for a living. How cool is that?!

Meet the Team

We believe to have great customers you need great customer service. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and quick turnarounds on repairs. Our mechanics and sales team work diligently to stay up to date with training from our manufacturers and suppliers in order to give you the best experience possible.

  • Carl Owens


    Man of many machos – Owner, Mechanic and new bike connoisseur.

    When he buys a new bike, he puts an expiration sticker on it. When it expires he sells it. When he sells it, a new one magically appears. He's the man with the plan… unless he forgets. Regardless, he's still the boss man.

  • Eric Deller


    (The Dragon or The Juice) – Lead Mechanic

    He's a superfly ninja with gorilla grip. He has the ability to internally process a Power Bar like no other can. If it can be fixed, this man can do it. His ability to work on bikes of all kind makes him a real asset to the shop. Ask him how he did it or what he did to it, he'll simply say “I fixed it”.

  • Matt Gutierrez


    (Seeenyourrrr) - Mechanic

    He loves bmx jumping and burritos, and can do one-handed wheelies all day. Has the most rad helmet ever. His real name is Fidel. Jamaican music is his thing.

  • Kelly Carroll


    (Kell) – Sales Representative

    Rides at least 700 miles a week, and would love a candle that smells like the bike shop. If she sold any more bikes we would have to promote her. Always helpful with new riders and great with veteran riders as well.

  • David Hernandez


    (El Presidente) – Ambassador/Marketing

    Man of many talents and many words, can talk just about anyone into their first bike race. Dressed like the green lantern or wearing the sickest socks, his parents should have named him Trek Farley because he just don't give a deuce!!

  • Cooper the dog



    Man's best friend, child's play toy and laziest dog you've ever seen. He frequently sleeps in the back room, office area and even mid sales floor. As soon as you open the door he'll be there to greet you though, or maybe he'll just lift his head then go back to sleep…